Hitachi EX220-3 Engine Parts 

New Hitachi EX220-3 Engine Parts from a limited stock of workshop inventory. 
Located in United States, Delivery also to Canada, Caribbean and worldwide. 

Hitachi EX220-3 Engine Parts List 

4251801 Intake Valve

4251802 Exhaust Valve

4251804 Injector Tube

4251805 Valve Guide 

4251806 Intake Seat 

4251807 Exhaust Seat

4251808 Valve Stem Seal 

4251809 Valve Spring, single, 

4251810 Inner Valve Spring

4251811 Outer Valve Spring 

4251812 Top Valve Spring Retainer

4251813 Valve Keepers 

4251814 Head Bolt Set 

4251848 Head Gasket Set 

4251849 Lower Engine Gasket and Seal Set 

4251850 Engine Reference 

4251851 Piston 

4251852 Piston Ring Set

4251853 Piston Pin 

4251854 Piston Pin Retainers

4251855 Sleeve / Cylinder Liner 

4251856 Cam Bushing Set 

4251857 Main Bearing Set, Standard

4251858 Main Bearing Set .25MM 

4251859 Main Bearing Set .50MM

4251860 Main Bearing Set .75MM 

4251861 Rod Bearing Set, Standard

4251862 Rod Bearing Set, .25MM 

4251863 Rod Bearing Set .50MM

4251864 Rod Bearing Set .75MM 

4251865 Thrust Washer Set 

4251866 Connecting Rod 

4251867 Connecting Rod Bushing

4251868 Soft Plug Set, Block 

4251869 Soft Plug Set, Head 

4251870 Exhaust Gasket

4251871 Intake Gasket

4251872 Oil Pump 

4251873 Oil Cooler Element 

4251874 Water Pump 

4251874R Rebuild Kit for Water Pump 

4251875 Fuel Injector Assembly 

4251876 Nozzle, for fuel injector 

4251877 Glow Plug 

4251878 Engine Stop Motor / Solenoid 

4285965 Switch, oil pressure. 

4285966 Switch, oil level, in oil pan. 

4285967 Switch, temperature 

4364648 Thermo Switch 

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Hitachi EX220-3 Engine Parts