Mitsubishi Parts - Partial part number list 

Note: this is a partial list, if you don't see your part number contact me at: or 

ME350349 Main Crankshaft Bearings 

ME180120 Main Crankshaft Bearings 

ME180302 Big End Connecting Rod Bearings 

ME180124 Big End Connecting Rod Bearings 

ME152652 B 2285 Pistons 

ME032955 Thermostat case housing
ME032956 Thermostat case housing
ME035272 Thermostat case housing
ME035274 Thermostat case housing
ME035279 Thermostat case housing
ME035281 Thermostat case housing
ME037730 Thermostat case housing
ME037731 Thermostat case housing
ME038848 Thermostat case housing
ME038849 Thermostat case housing
ME039115 Thermostat case housing 
ME039116 Thermostat case housing
ME039117 Thermostat case housing
ME039118 Thermostat case housing
ME047981 Thermostat case housing
ME047987 Thermostat case housing
ME047988 Thermostat case housing
ME047990 Thermostat case housing
ME047992 Thermostat case housing
ME047993 Thermostat case housing
ME047997 Thermostat case housing
ME047999 Thermostat case housing
ME070004 Thermostat case housing
ME070005 Thermostat case housing
ME070153 Thermostat case housing
ME070154 Thermostat case housing
ME070615 Thermostat case housing
ME070616 Thermostat case housing
ME075077 Thermostat case housing
ME075141 Thermostat case housing

ME058723 Exhaust manifold end
ME058715 Exhaust Manifold Center
ME058782 Exhaust Manifold Center
ME964120 Stud, exhaust
ME964223 Exhaust manifold gasket
MF407728 Stud,  
MH004054 Nut, for exhaust stud
ME980061 Turbocharger gasket
MH004110 Nut for turbocharger mount
ME964643 Exhaust manifold seal ring
3003096800 30030-96800 Turbo inlet hose

ME995061  Engine Gasket Set 

ME996470 Liner & Piston Kit 

ME049281 Alternator 

ME999003 Thermostat Set 
ME997284 Gasket Kit

ME997499 Engine Gasket Set 
MH002131 Exhaust Stud
ME051516 Head Bolt
ME051515 Head Bolt
ME121799 Damper, crankshaft torsional
MS146351 Bolts, for damper
MH000377 Bolts, for front crankshaft pulley
ME158590 Pulley, front crankshaft
ME150511 Rocker Bracket
ME051696 Intake Valve
ME061398 Inner Valve Spring
ME051208 Outer Valve Spring
ME051697 Exhaust Valve
ME150601 Oil Pump
ME717138 Fuel Pump Assembly
ME157027 Intake, turbocharger  
ME063680 Gasket, exhaust pipe
ME158201 Injector Fuel Line
ME158202 Injector Fuel Line
ME158203 Injector Fuel Line
ME158204 Injector Fuel Line
ME158205 Injector Fuel Line
ME158206 Injector Fuel Line
ME158933 Injector Fuel Line
ME158934 Injector Fuel Line
ME158935 Injector Fuel Line
ME158936 Injector Fuel Line
ME158937 Injector Fuel Line
ME158938 Injector Fuel Line
ME158479 Tube, Injection Pump Fuel Overflow
ME056925 Tube, injector fuel return line
ME440120 Dipstick Tube
ME158947 Oil Tube to turbocharger
ME054279 Oil Return Tube
ME995234 Water Pump
ME995791 Water Pump
ME065378 Fan, cooling
ME298109 Fan, cooling  
ME059420 Upper Thermostat Case , Cover ,
ME158921 Upper Thermostat Case, Cover
ME059415 Lower Thermostat Case ,
ME059359 Hose, thermostat water bypass hose,
ME157346 Pipe, intercooler
ME011362 Hose, intercooler
ME059366 Hose, intercooler
ME440151 Breather
ME054385 Breather
ME152481 Exhaust End Manifold
ME157309 Exhaust Center Manifold
MC560876 Gasket, exhaust muffler
ME158456 Muffler
ME158079 Exhaust Pipe
ME059715 Heater, air intake.
ME158500 Wire Harness, alternator
ME049283 Alternator 80A
ME152487 Starter
ME440374 Water Pump Hose
3093094100 Air Intake Hose Pipe
ME050573 Connector, Air Intake Hose Pipe
MC011294 Air Intake Hose Pipe
3003091300 Air Intake Hose Pipe
3003091800 Air Intake Hose Pipe
3183094200 Air Intake Hose Pipe
3093094100 Air Intake Hose Pipe
3113018200 Air Intake Hose Pipe
36360351090 Air Intake Hose Pipe
36360351190 Air Intake Hose Pipe
F22020500 Air Intake Hose Pipe
ME053870 Air Intake Hose Pipe
ME158932 Muffler
ME049263 - SWITCH; THERMO 95°C
VAME058723 Exhaust manifold end
VAME058715 Exhaust Manifold Center
VAME058782 Exhaust Manifold Center
VAME964120 Exhaust stud
VAME964223 Exhaust manifold gasket
VAMF407728 Stud, for turbocharger
VAMH004054 Nut, for exhaust stud
VAME158590 Pulley
VAMH000377 Bolt
VAME150511 Rocker Bracket
VAME980061 Turbocharger gasket
VAME121799 Damper, crankshaft
VAMS146351 Bolt
VAMH004110 Nut, turbo
VAME964643 Exhaust manifold seal ring
VA3003096800 VA30030-96800 Turbo inlet hose
VAME997284 Gasket Kit
VAME440120 Dipstick Tube
VAMH002131 Exhaust Stud
VAME051516 Head Bolt
VAME051515 Head Bolt  
VAME051696 Intake Valve
VAME061398 Inner Valve Spring
VAME051208 Outer Valve Spring
VAME051697 Exhaust Valve
VAME065378 Fan
VAME059420 Cover, thermostat
VAME158921 Cover, thermostat
VAME059415 Lower Thermostat Case
VAME059359 Hose, water
VAME150601 Oil Pump
VAME717138 Fuel Pump Assembly
VAME158201 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158202 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158203 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158204 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158205 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158206 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158933 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158934 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158935 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158936 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158937 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158938 Injector Fuel Line
VAME158479 Tube, Injection Pump Fuel Overflow
VAME056925 Tube, injector fuel return line
VAME995234 Water Pump
VAME995791 Water Pump
VAF22020500 Air Intake Hose Pipe
VAME157346 Pipe, intercooler
VAME011362 Hose, intercooler
VAME059366 Hose, intercooler
VAME152481 Exhaust Manifold end
VAME157309 Exhaust Manifold center
VAME157027 Intake Hose, turbocharger  
VAME063680 Gasket, exhaust  
VAMC560876 Gasket, exhaust muffler
VAME158456 Muffler
VAME298109 Fan
VAME059715 Heater, air intake.
VAME440151 Breather
VAME054385 Breather
VAME158500 Wire harness, alternator.
VAME049283 Alternator
VAME152487 Starter
VAME440374 Coolant Hose
VAME158947 Oil Tube to turbocharger
VAME054279 Oil Return Tube
VAME053870 Air Intake Hose Pipe
VAME158079 Exhaust Pipe
VAME158932 Muffler
LS11P01009P1 Air Intake Hose Pipe
LS11P01008P1 Air Intake Hose Pipe
4665185 Muffler Hitachi
4624747 Exhaust Gasket
4665181 Belt  
4640773 Fan, Hitachi
4411793 Hose, Hitachi
4648995 Hose, Hitachi 

ME902954 Belt 

ME440124 Intercooler 

MC899436 Boost Pressure Sensor 
​​0D57030106 Engine Overhaul Gasket Set 
ME051720 Maintenance Kit
ME902746 Belts 
ME994276 Thermostat, Mitsubishi diesel Thermostat, 
ME963060 Alternator Belts / Fan Belts - Mitsubishi 
ME963072 Water Pump Belts - Mitsubishi 
61701 Air Cleaner with 6 inch outlet connector. 
ME902959 Alternator belts / Fan belts  
0D57030436 Thermostat and Gasket Kit  
VAME994858 Gasket Kit 
ME051727 Engine Maintenance Kit 

ME993048 Piston and Liner Kit

ME993049 Piston and Liner Kit

ME993050 Piston and Liner Kit 
ME993109 Piston and Liner Kit 
ME041102 Liner 
ME041103 Liner 
ME041104 Liner 
ME041105 Liner 
ME041106 Liner 
ME041107 Liner 
ME051730 Engine Maintenance Kit 
ME051731 Engine Maintenance Kit 

ME072657 Damper

ME995307 Water Pump 

ME078454 Damper 

ME995418 Gasket and Seal Kit 
ME900959 Alternator belts / Fan belts 
0A88290606 Thermostat and Gasket Kit 
104-A5399 Gasket Kit, Engine Overhaul 

VAME995418 Gasket Kit 

ME073833 Valve, Air Inlet Pipe Overboost 

ME078661 Intercooler 

ME219040 Intercooler 

ME995782 Cylinder Head 

ME078503 Piston

ME078504 Piston

ME300200 Piston 

ME300202 Piston 
VAME995529 Gasket Kit 
102-A5399 Liner and Piston Kit 
ME993111 Liner and Piston Kit 
279-A5399 Thermostat Kit 

ME063680 Exhaust Pipe Gasket Coupler 

ME441150 Hose to Inter cooler 

ME442319 Hose to Inter cooler 

ME073957 Exhaust Gasket 
159-A5399 Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal 

ME440607 Thermostat case

ME047999 Thermostat case 

ME047992 Thermostat case 

ME078365 Injector 

ME074293 Gasket

ME074484 Gasket 

ME440049 Exhaust Gasket, Turbo to exhaust manifold 
227-A5399 Engine Oil Pump 
236-A5399 Oil Cooler Element 
259-A5399 Fuel Feed Pump 
274-A5399 Water Pump 

ME713048 Oil Seal, Injection Pump Drive Shaft 

ME440071 Injector Assembly 

ME074185 Oil Cooler Cover

ME132142 Oil Cooler Cover 

ME034997 Seal ring, exhaust 

ME034998 Seal ring, exhaust 

ME074020 Oil Cooler Element

77268830 Sensor, oil level  

ME074442 Oil Cooler Element 

ME074018 Oil Cooler Assembly 

ME074430 Oil Cooler Assembly 
0D57030384 Injector
ME900719 Water Pump Belt  
ME300199 Pistons 

MC867765 Sensor, oil level 
ME995529 Gasket and Seal Set
ME994858 Gasket and Seal Set 
ME993110 Piston and Liner Kit 

72959613 Sensor, oil level 

MC251843                        Cap Press 30 DCA125SSM
MC840219                        Switch, Oil Pressure
MC844972                        Unit Water Temp DCA125SSMT6D16(engi
MC850069                        Oil Unit DCA-85SSM
MD000312                        Gasket Plug BLW-300
MD000704                        Nut Connecting Rod BLW-300
MD001402                        Plunger BLW-300
MD001515                        Bolt Special 8x82 BLW300SS
MD008784                        Cap Oil Filter BLW-300
MD016239                        Plug BLW-300
MD016317                        Seal Oil Rear BLW-300
MD016483                        Valve Lock BLW-300SS
MD017016                        V Belt BLW-300
MD020566                        Screw Cap BLW-300
MD030629                        Ring Gear BLW-300
MD068353                        Nut M12x1.5 BLW-300
MD068355                        Gasket BLW-300
MD008883                         Oil Seal 
 MD070717                        Gasket BLW-300
MD075878                        Bolt Flywheel BLW-300
MD115472                        Seal Valve Stem BLW-300SS
 MD151463                        Seal Oil 
MD301950                        Plug Glow
MD316938                        Rod Assembly BLW-300
MD602963                        Spring Set L3E/32DW
MD603660                        Nozzle Assembly BLW-300
MD607540                        Shaft Assy
MD611033                        Bearing Front L3E/32DW
MD611150                        Bearing Rear L3E/32DW
MD618494                        Switch Assembly BLW-300
ME007653                         Control Unit Glow 6D16 DCA-125SSM2
ME011282                         Seal Rubber
ME015254                         Fuel Filter *343620010*
ME018118                         Dipstick 6D1T6,DCA-275SPK
ME020663                         Gasket DCA-85SSM 6D16
ME020810                         Bearing
 ME022455                         Seal Oil DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME030857                      Seal Slinger Oil REA 6D16
ME030893                         Gasket Rocker DCA-125SSM
ME031049                         Gasket FR Cover DCA125SSM
ME031082                         Gasket MH6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME031455                         Plug Drain BLW-300
ME031498                         Gasket Replate Crankcase 6D16
ME031499                         Gasket Replate Crankcase 6D16
ME031605                        O-Ring DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME031886                         Guide Intake Valve DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME031888                         Guide Exhaust Valve DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME031938                         Valve Intake DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME031940                         Valve Exhaust DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME032754                         Seal Valve DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME032814                         Fuel Feed Pump Assy
ME033496                         Gasket Exhaust DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME033603                         Element Air Cleaner DCA-125SSMP181191
ME033615                         Nut Air Cleaner DCA-125SSM2 6D16-TEA
ME034033                         Gasket DCA-85SSM 6D16
ME034177                         Valve Oil Filter Drain 125SSM
ME034556                         Valve 6D16
 ME034611                         Filter Oil Element 6D14
ME034652                         Gasket Oil Pan 
ME034664                         PUMP OIL DCA-85SSM
ME034700                         Valve Spring Bypass 6D16
ME034976                         Seal Oil 6D16
ME035016                         Gasket DCA-85,125SSM
ME035254                         Hose By-Pass 6D16
ME035255                         Hose MH6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME035393                         Element Fuel Filter
ME036562                         Seal Dust 6D16
ME037450                         Gasket
ME037457                         Alternator 6D16 DCA-125SSM
ME037709                         Pump Water Assy 
ME038071                         Coupling Tach Drive DCA-25SSM 6D16T
ME038073                         Shaft DCA125SSK
ME039575                         Cover Thermostat 6D16
ME039970                         Fan 6D16

VAME993109 Piston and Liner Kit 
VAME993110 Piston and Liner Kit 
VAME993111 Piston and Liner Kit 
VAME300200 Piston
VAME300199 Piston 
VAME041102 Liner 
VAME041103 Liner 
VAME041104 Liner 
VAME041105 Liner 
VAME041106 Liner 
VAME041107 Liner 

VAME995307 Water pump 
VAME051730 Engine Maintenance Kit 
VAME051731 Engine Maintenance Kit 

VAME030857 Slinger , crankshaft 

VAME995782 Cylinder Head 

VAMH002174 Stud 

VAMH001625 Head Bolt 

VAMH001623 Head Bolt 

VAME063680 Gasket, Exhaust Pipe 

VAME078503 Piston

VAME078504 Piston

VAME300201 Piston 

VAME072657 Damper
VAME078454 Damper 

ME234063           PUMP HOUSING
ME234060           STUD
ME234061           SPACER RING
ME234064           STUD
ME234067           FLANGE BUSHING
ME234065           PLUNGER-AND-BARREL ASSY  
ME234066           FITTING
ME234062           O-RING
ME234069           FILLER PIECE
ME234058           COILED SPRING
ME234057           GASKET
ME234049           PLAIN WASHER
ME234056           CAPSULE
ME234055           LOCKING WASHER
ME234050           O-RING
ME234051           O-RING
ME234048           SHIM T0.500
ME234047           SHIM T0.525
ME234046           SHIM T0.550
ME234045           SHIM T0.575
ME234044           SHIM T0.600
ME234043           SHIM T0.625
ME234042           SHIM T0.650
ME234041           SHIM T0.675
ME234040           SHIM T0.700
ME234039           SHIM T0.725
ME234038           SHIM T0.750
ME234037           SHIM T0.775
ME234036           SHIM T0.800
ME234035           SHIM T0.825
ME234034           SHIM T0.850
ME234033           SHIM T0.875
ME234032           SHIM T0.900
ME234031           SHIM T0.925
ME234030           SHIM T0.950
ME234029           SHIM T0.975
ME234028           SHIM T1.000
ME234027           SHIM T1.025
ME234026           SHIM T1.050
ME234025           SHIM T1.075
ME234024           SHIM T1.100
ME234023           SHIM T1.125
ME234022           SHIM T1.150
ME234021           SHIM T1.175
ME234020           SHIM T1.200
ME234019           SHIM T1.225
ME234018           SHIM T1.250
ME234017           SHIM T1.275
ME234016           SHIM T1.300
ME234015           SHIM T1.325
ME234014           SHIM T1.350
ME234013           SHIM T1.375
ME234012           SHIM T1.400
ME234011           SHIM T1.425
ME234010           SHIM T1.450
ME234009           SHIM T1.475
ME234008           SHIM T1.500
ME234007           SHIM T1.525
ME234006           SHIM T1.550
ME234005           SHIM T1.575
ME234004           SHIM T1.600
ME234003           SHIM T1.625
ME234002           SHIM T1.650
ME234001           SHIM T1.675
ME233999           SHIM T1.700
ME233998           SHIM T1.725
ME233997           SHIM T1.750
ME233996           SHIM T1.775
ME233995           SHIM T1.800
ME233994           SHIM T1.825
ME233993           SHIM T1.850
ME233992           SHIM T1.875
ME233991           SHIM T1.900
ME233990           SHIM T1.925
ME233989           SHIM T1.950
ME233988           SHIM T1.975
ME233987           SHIM T1.975
ME234070           PLAIN WASHER
ME234071           UNION NUT  
ME234079           BUSHING
ME234073           BUSHING
ME234072           CONTROL RACK
ME234080           BEARING PIN
ME234074           BUSHING
ME234075           CONTROL SLEEVE
ME234078           SLOTTED WASHER
ME234077           SLOTTED WASHER
ME234081           TAPPET
ME234082           ROLLER
ME234084           BUSHING
ME234085           BEARING PIN
ME234083           SLIDER
ME234086           BEARING PLATE  
ME234090           SHIM D59.8&43T1.2
ME234091           SHIM D59.8&43T1.5
ME234092           SHIM D59.8&43T1.8
ME234093           SHIM D59.8&43T2.0
ME234094           SHIM D59.8&43T0.6
ME234088           BLEEDER SCREW
ME234089           CAMSHAFT
ME234087           BEARING SHELL
ME234095           BLEEDER SCREW
ME234099           BEARING PLATE
ME234098           COVER
ME234096           PACKING RING
ME234100           SHIM T0.1
ME234101           SHIM T0.12
ME234102           SHIM T0.14
ME234106           SHIM T0.16
ME234108           SHIM T0.18
ME234103           SHIM T0.3
ME234105           SHIM T0.5
ME234104           O-RING
ME234107           SLIDING PIECE
ME234109           COVER
ME234110           GASKET
ME234115           FLAT-HEAD SCREW
ME234119           CAPSULE
ME234111           GASKET
ME234114           UNION NUT
ME234118           GASKET
ME234112           CAPSULE
ME234113           WOODRUFF KEY
ME234116           POINTER
ME234117           BLEEDER SCREW
ME234118           EYE BOLT, BANJO BOLT 
ME234120           GASKET
ME234125           EYE BOLT, BANJO BOLT 
ME234129           GASKET
ME234128           OVER FLOW VALVE
ME234121           GASKET
ME234126           EYE BOLT
ME234122           GASKET

ME996936                          Water pump 

ME090394                          Relay Alternator Safety

ME072889                          Relay, Intake Air Heater Relay 

ME078746                          Oil Pan Gasket 
ME046108                         Starter Assy DCA-125SSM
ME047129                         Tip Nozzle DCA-125SSM1616T
ME047252                         Hose DCA-85SSM
ME047255                         Hose DCA-85SSM
ME047261                         Hose Radiator DCA-125SSM
ME047293                         Cover, Thermostat DCA-85SSM 6D16
ME047299                         Pulley DCA-85SSM
ME047306                         Damper Crankshaft
ME047439                         Pipe, Injection No. 2
ME047441                         Pipe, Injection DCA-125SSM2 6D16
ME047452                         Hose DCA-85,125SSM
ME047453                         Hose DCA-85,125SSM
ME047534                         Pulley Crankshaft 6D17 125SSM
ME047542                         Tach Drive Assy 6D16T 125SSM
ME047601                         Gasket Intake Air Heater DCA125SSM2
ME047670                         Pipe Radiator DCA-85,125SSM
ME047771                         Hose, Breather 6D16T DCA-125SSM
ME047774                         Hose
ME047817                         Element Air Cleaner DCA-85SSM
ME047818                         Air Cleaner DCA-85SSM
ME047824                         Gasket Intake DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME047882                         Nozzle Assy DCA-125SSM
ME047981                         Case Thermostat DCA-85SSM 6D16.16T
ME047999                         Thermostat Housing #2 DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME048381                         Switch Oil Pressure 6D22
ME049102                         Relay Solenoid 6D16T DCA-125
ME049105                         Gauge Oil DCA-125SSM
ME049122                         Switch Over Heat 101C 6D16T
ME049130                         Solenoid Relay 85,125,150SSM
ME049145                         Solenoid 6D22
ME049147                         Switch Temperature DCA-125SSM
ME049175                         Alternator Assy DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME049206                         Switch Thermo DCA-150SSAI
ME049233                         Relay DCA-85,125,150SSM
ME049237                         Relay DCA-85SSM
ME049239                         Relay Safety 85SSM
ME049260                         Switch 85,125SSM
ME049261                         Oil Press SW DCA-85SSM 6D16
ME049264                         Swey Water Pump DCA150SSM
ME050874                         Pipe Injection 6D22
ME050875                         Pipe Injection 6D22
ME051373                         Valve Cover Gasket
ME051375                         O Ring 6D22 DCA-150SSM
 ME051714                         Gasket Cyl Head DCA-150SSM
ME052053                         Bearing Set Metal Crankshaft 6D22
ME052054                       Bearing Main 0.25 DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME052056                         Bearing Main 0.75 DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME052497                         Gasket Oil Pan
ME052825                         Connecting Rod Assy
ME052889                         Ring Set 6D22 DCA-150SSM
ME052904                         Piston 6D22 DCA-150SSM
ME054082                         Retainer
ME054156                         Retainer
ME054238                         Element Kit DCA-150SSM
ME054661                         Switch Oil
ME056361                         Tube #1 Fuel Inj 6D22 150SSM
ME056366                         Tube #6 Fuel Inj 6D22 150SSM
ME056670                         Filter Fuel DCA-125,150SSM(ME056670D
ME057990                         Starter 150SSM
ME058176                         Seal Rear
ME059260                         Fan Drive Assy DCA-150SSM
ME059271                         Hose Thermostat ByPass Mitsubishi
ME059272                         Cooling Fan Idley Pulley & Bracket Assy
ME059322                         Hose Suction DCA-150SSM
ME059340                         Tank Reserve Assy DCA-125
ME059491                         Hose Radiator DCA-150SSM
ME059621                         Injector DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME060124                         Seal Front 6D22
ME060125                         Slinger 6D22
ME063737                         Gasket DCA-125,150SSM
ME064356                         Element Kit Oil Filter 6D22 DCA-150SSM
ME065378                         Fan Cooling 6D22 DCA-150SSM
ME068007                         Gear Z=14 DCA-85SSM 6D16
ME070006                         Cover Alternator
ME070120                         Alternator 30A 6016 DCA-125SSMD722
ME070539                         Shroud 6D16
ME070750                         Tube Fuel Inj DCA-125SSIU
ME070751                         Tube Fuel Inj DCA-125SSIU
ME070752                         Tube Fuel Inj DCA-125SSIU
ME070753                         Tube Fuel Inj DCA-125SSIU
ME070754                         Tube Fuel Inj DCA-125SSIU
ME070755                         Tube Fuel Inj DCA-125SSIU
ME071141                         Bushing 6D16
ME071142                         Bushing 6D16
ME071143                         Bushing 6D16
ME071198                         Liner DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME071269                         Oil Seal DCA125SSM
ME071653                         Gasket Rocker Cover 125SSM
ME071862                         Bushing 6D16

ME075142                         Case, thermostat case 
 ME071923                         Gasket Cyl Head 6D16 125SSM
ME072154                         Bushing 6D16
ME072197                         Crankshaft 6D16
ME074013                         Cartridge Oil Filter DCA-85,
 ME074383                        Head Oil Filter 6D16
ME074755                         Seal Front Oil 6D16-TEA
ME075196                         Gasket
ME075970                         Relay Starter 6D16 DCA85SSM
ME077044                         Starter Assembly DCA-125SSM
ME077045                         Relay BLW-300
ME077796                         Starter 6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME078071                         Tube Fuel
ME078072                         Tube Fuel
ME078073                         Tube Fuel
ME078074                         Pipe Fuel
ME078075                         Tube Fuel
ME078076                         Tube Fuel
ME078272                         Gasket w/Net 6D16
ME078436                         Pump Injection DCA-150SSM2
ME078538                         Nozzle & Holder Assy. Fuel Injection
ME088188                         Air Cleaner Assy DCA-125SSM2 6D16-TEA
ME120433                         Gasket DCA120SSM
ME150693                         Alternator Assy 24V 6D16 DCA-125SSM2
ME157224                         Band Air Cleaner DCA-125SSM2 6D16-TEA
ME157298                         Pump See
ME157543                         Pump Assembly Water 

ME170386                         Gasket 6D16-TEA
ME170402                         Gasket MH6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME702224                         Pump Priming DCA150SSM6D22
ME703404                         Cap Nut DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME703406                         Bushing DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME703414                         Bushing Lever DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME703415                         O Ring DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME703429                         Gasket DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME703434                         O Ring DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME703589                         Lever DCA-125SSM 6D16T
ME704457                         Pump Fuel Feed 1052104661 6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME705031                         Pump Injection Fuel 6D22
ME705152                         O Ring
ME705153                         O-Ring DCA-125SSM/6D16
ME705275                         Gasket
ME705276                         Gasket
ME717630                         Pump Fuel Feed 6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME722548                         Governor Assy DCA-85SSM
ME728041                         Lever
ME728312                         Lever

YN20M01077P1                Water Pump Belt 

ME995231                          Water Pump 
ME900958                         V Belt DCA-150SSM
ME902741                         V-Belt Set 6D16-T
ME902958                         Belt(SET) *0591042058*
ME910142                         Hose Fuel DCA85SSM
ME910144                         Hose Fuel DCA85SSM
ME910445                         Hose Inj Fuel Feed DCA150SSM
ME910448                         Hose Fuel Feed 6D16-T
ME910450                         Hose Injection Pump DCA150SSM
ME995302                         Thermostat Kit MH6D16 DCA-85SSM
ME995303                         Pump Water 6D16-TEA
ME996502                         Metal STD 6D16
ME996591                         piston and ring set 1 piece
ME996795                         Water Pump
ME996849                         Pump Assembly Water SD22
ME997002                         Water Pump Kit DCA150SSM
ME997018                         Liner & Piston Kit DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME997087                         Kit Gasket DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME997282                         Kit Repair DCA-85SSM
ME997367                         Bearing Set Metal DCA-150SSM6D22
ME997575                         Thermostat ME995300
ME999306                         Kit Thermostat 6D22
ME999365                         Head Assy DCA-150SSM 6D22
ME999952                         Ring Set DCA-150SSM
MF241222                         Bolt & Washer Assy BLW-300
MF241229                         Washer With Bolt BLW-300
MF430845                         Nut 6D22
MF472407                         Pin Dowel 14 DCA-85SSM
MF472537                         Pin Spg 3x18 DCA-85SSM 6D16
MF520004                         O Ring*F315000900*
MF520007                         O Ring BLW-300
MF520423                         O-Ring 6D16
MF520594                         O Ring DCA85SSM6D16
MF650106                         Bolt BLW-300
MF650116                         Joint Assy
MF660063                         Gasket DCA85SSM
MF660066                         Gasket Pan Drain 6D16T
MF660068                         Gasket 6D16
MF665508                         Plug Expansion DCA-85SSM 6D16
MF665535                         Cap 6D16
MH000647                        Bolt 16x45 DCA-85SSM
MH000861                        Bolt 16x45 DCA-85SSM
MH020015                        Clip Hose DCA-85, 125SSM(MS660377)
MH020260                        Clamp
MH021252                        Clamp
MH034026                        Seal Nut DCA-125SSM 6D16
MH035025                        O Ring
MH035092                        O Ring 6D22 DCA-150SSM
MH035095                        O Ring DCA85SSM
MH035109                        O-Ring DCA125SSK
MH035221                        O Ring 6D22 DCA-150SSM
MH035500                        O Ring 6D16
MH035501                        O-Ring DCA125SSK
MH035619                        O Ring DCA-150SSM
MH035620                        O RING
MH035622                        O Ring DCA-150SSM
MH037135                        Plug
MH040015                        Bearing
MH040039                        Bearing Ball 6D22 DCA-150SSM
MM200271                       Cap Assembly BLW-300
MM300152                       Injector ME020996
MM318772                       Stay Rocker BLW-300
MM401206                       Gasket Oil Pump Cover BLW-300
MM403505                       Pump Assy
MM403740                       Starter
 MM404884                       Packing BLW-300
MM405460                       Pulley Water Pump BLW-300
MM407405                       Pump Water
MM408992                       Filter mm40899201
MM409211                       Tube Assembly
MM409239                       Pin Grooved BLW-300SSL3E/32DW
MM409413                       Starter
MM409515                       Lamp Glow BLW-300
MM409645                       Pin BLW-300
MM409880                       Gasket Electric Pump BLW-300
MM409881                       Gasket Electric Pump BLW-300
MM409882                       Magnet Electric Pump BLW-300
MM40T422                       Gasket
MM430130                       Hose
MM430637                       Weight Assembly BLW-300
MM430740                       Shaft Assembly BLW-300
MM430873                       Fan Cooling BLW-300
MM431980                       Joint (A) L3E/32DW
MM432065                       Case Oil Seal BLW-300
MM432082                       Fitting Water BLW-300
MM432104                       Switch Assembly Therm BLW-300
MM432106                       Bearing BLW-300
MM432116                       Pipe Injection BLW-300
MM432117                       Pipe Injection BLW-300
MM432118                       Pipe Injection BLW-300
MM432125                       Bolt Cylinder BLW-300
MM432129                       Gasket Exhaust BLW-300
MM432135                       Gasket Water BLW-300
MM432136                       Gasket Water BLW-300
MM432143                       Valve Intake BLW-300SS
 MM432144                       Valve Exhaust BLW-300SS
MM432145                       Pin BLW-300
MM43214801                   Plug Glow BLW-300SS
MM432214                       Seal Side BLW-300
MM432218                       Gasket Oil Seal BLW-300
MM432219                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM432220                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM432222                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM432233                       Shaft Assembly Rod BLW-300
MM43230501                   Solenoid BLW-300
MM432460                       Gasket Cyl Head L2C/L2E
MM432461                       Gasket Head
MM432575                       Cap Stem BLW-300SS
MM43258301                   Gasket Housing BLW-300
MM43267801                   Gasket BLW-300
MM432806                       Brace Generator BLW-300
MM432858                       Crankshaft BLW-300
MM432887                       Crankshaft Gear BLW-300
MM433089                       O Ring BLW-300
MM433090                       Cup Filter BLW-300
MM433091                       Nut Ring BLW-300
MM433092                       O Ring BLW-300
MM433093                       Element L3E BLW-300
MM433094                       Spring Element BLW-300
MM433114                       Gasket BLW-300
MM433120                       Gauge Oil Level BLW-300
MM433127                       Gear Pressure BLW-300
MM433164                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM433166                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM433167                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM433169                       Shim Adjusting BLW-300
MM433172                       Gasket Thermo BLW-300
MM433199                       Bearing MM438799 BLW-300
MM433201                       Gasket Gear Cover BLW-300
MM433221                       Clip Tie Rod BLW-300
MM433226                       Spring Return BLW-300
MM433230                       Gasket**30L6305101** BLW-300
MM433233                       Nut BLW-300
MM433306                       Retainer Valve BLW-300SS
MM433308                       Arm Rocker*30l0501100*
MM433309                       Plate Glow Plug BLW-300
MM433312                       Screw Adj BLW-300
MM433353                       Spring Relief BLW-300
MM433496                       Valve Intake
MM433548                       Thermostat
MM43356301                   Gasket Oil Pan BLW-300
MM433572                       Pipe Fuel BLW-300
MM43614                       Cap BLW-300
MM433673                       Spring Governor BLW-300
MM433713                       Ring Set BLW-300SS
MM43377603                   Block Cylinder BLW-300SS
 MM433793                     Gear Oil Pump Inner BLW-300
MM433794                       Gear Oil Pump Outer BLW-300
MM433826                       Holder Injector 43382601 L3E32DW
MM433848                       Bolt Rocker BLW-300
MM433975                       Kit Gasket

30L9406032                      Kit Gasket 
MM434222                       Tappet BLW-300
MM434262                       Fitting Thermostat BLW-300
MM434339                       Piston & Pin BLW-300
MM434344                       Ring Set Piston BLW-300
MM434345                       Ring Set Piston BLW-300
MM434347                       Bearing Set Crankshaft BLW-300
MM434427                       Support Hose BLW-300
MM434466                       Housing Oil Pump BLW-300
MM434560                       Piston & Pin *30L1700010*
MM434830                       Lever Governor BLW-300
MM43516901                   Solenoid
MM435190                       Filter Fuel
MM435745                       Unit Assembly**16A1114001**
MM43594101                   Nozzle & Holder Assy BLW-300
MM438127                       Screen Assmbly Oil BLW-300
 MM438141                       Hose Water Lower BLW-300
MM438142                       Hose Water Upper BLW-300
MM438578                       Filter Assembly BLW-300
MM438580                       Pump Assembly Fuel BLW-300
MM438585                       Pipe Assembly BLW-300
MM438685                       Piston & Pin Set
MM438806                       Bearing Set Conn Rod *30L1902010*
MM438808                      Bearing L3E/32DW BLW-300
MM438952                       Nozzle Assy
MM500336                       Gasket Delivery Valve BLW-300
MM500583                       Bolt w/ Washer DCA-125SSM 6D16T
MM501146                       Spring Delivery BLW-300
MM501918                       Holder Delivery BLW-300
MM501930                       Screw Air BLW-300
MM501931                       Screw Hollow BLW-300
MM502333                       Armature Set BLW-300
MM502334                       Bearing Front BLW-300
MM502335                       Bearing Rear BLW-300
MM502395                       Shaft Assy Clutch BLW-300
MM502397                       Yoke Assembly BLW-300
MM514050                       Gasket BLW-300
MM514079                       Valve Sub Assembly BLW-300
MM514125                       Nipple Swivel BLW-300

ME235089           STUD
ME235087           SPACER RING
ME235085           STUD
ME235082           FLANGE BUSHING
ME235084           FITTING
ME235086           O-RING
ME235077           FILLER PIECE
ME235076           COILED SPRING
ME235070           GASKET
ME235071           PLAIN WASHER
ME235079           CAPSULE
ME235078           LOCKING WASHER
ME235075           O-RING
ME235072           O-RING
ME235073           O-RING
ME235074           SHIM T0.500
ME235060           SHIM T0.500
ME235061           SHIM T0.525
ME235062           SHIM T0.550
ME235063           SHIM T0.575
ME235064           SHIM T0.600
ME235065           SHIM T0.625
ME235066           SHIM T0.650
ME235067           SHIM T0.675
ME235068           SHIM T0.700
ME235069           SHIM T0.725
ME235050           SHIM T0.750
ME235051           SHIM T0.775
ME235052           SHIM T0.800
ME235053           SHIM T0.825
ME235054           SHIM T0.850
ME235055           SHIM T0.875
ME235056           SHIM T0.900
ME235057           SHIM T0.925
ME235058           SHIM T0.950
ME235059           SHIM T0.975
ME235040           SHIM T1.000
ME235041           SHIM T1.025
ME235042           SHIM T1.050
ME235043           SHIM T1.075
ME235044           SHIM T1.100
ME235045           SHIM T1.125
ME235046           SHIM T1.150
ME235047           SHIM T1.175
ME235048           SHIM T1.200
ME235049           SHIM T1.225
ME235030           SHIM T1.250
ME235031           SHIM T1.275
ME235032           SHIM T1.300
ME235033           SHIM T1.325
ME235034           SHIM T1.350
ME235035           SHIM T1.375
ME235036           SHIM T1.400
ME235037           SHIM T1.425
ME235038           SHIM T1.450
ME235039           SHIM T1.475
ME235020           SHIM T1.500
ME235021           SHIM T1.525
ME235022           SHIM T1.550
ME235023           SHIM T1.575
ME235024           SHIM T1.600
ME235025           SHIM T1.625
ME235026           SHIM T1.650
ME235027           SHIM T1.675
ME235028           SHIM T1.700
ME235029           SHIM T1.725
ME235010           SHIM T1.750
ME235011           SHIM T1.775
ME235012           SHIM T1.800
ME235013           SHIM T1.825
ME235014           SHIM T1.850
ME235015           SHIM T1.875
ME235016           SHIM T1.900
ME235017           SHIM T1.925
ME235018           SHIM T1.950
ME235019           SHIM T1.975
ME235101           PLAIN WASHER
ME235109           UNION NUT  
ME235102           BUSHING
ME235103           BUSHING
ME235108           BEARING PIN
ME235106           BUSHING
ME235107           CONTROL SLEEVE
ME235105           SLOTTED WASHER
ME235113           SLOTTED WASHER
ME235117           ROLLER
ME235110           BUSHING
ME235111           BEARING PIN
ME235114           SLIDER
ME235115           BEARING PLATE
ME235120           SHIM D59.8&43T1.2
ME235121           SHIM D59.8&43T1.5
ME235122           SHIM D59.8&43T1.8
ME235123           SHIM D59.8&43T2.0
ME235124           SHIM D59.8&43T0.6
ME235118           BLEEDER SCREW
ME235115           BEARING SHELL
ME235125           BLEEDER SCREW
ME235129           BEARING PLATE  
ME235126           COVER
ME235127           PACKING RING
ME235200           SHIM T0.1
ME235201           SHIM T0.12
ME235202           SHIM T0.14
ME235203           SHIM T0.16
ME235204           SHIM T0.18
ME235205           SHIM T0.3
ME235206           SHIM T0.5
ME235210           O-RING
ME235212           SLIDING PIECE
ME235213           COVER
ME235214           GASKET
ME235219           FLAT-HEAD SCREW
ME235215           CAPSULE
ME235216           GASKET
ME235218           UNION NUT
ME235217           GASKET
ME235190           CAPSULE
ME235195           WOODRUFF KEY
ME235191           COVER
ME235196           TAB WASHER
ME235192           FLAT-HEAD SCREW
ME235197           POINTER
ME235193           BLEEDER SCREW
ME235194           GASKET
ME235180           GASKET
ME235185           OVER FLOW VALVE
ME235186           GASKET
ME235183           GASKET
ME235221           CAPSULE
ME235225           GASKET
ME235222           TAPPET
ME235223           ROLLER
ME235224           BEARING PIN
ME235226           SLIDER
ME235227           VALVE BODY
ME235240           VALVE BODY
ME235241           VALVE BODY
ME235242           COILED SPRING
ME235242           COILED SPRING
ME235242           COILED SPRING
ME235249           CAPSULE
ME235248           ADAPTOR
ME235243           GASKET
ME235243           GASKET
ME235243           GASKET
ME235244           LOCKING WASHER
ME235247           CAPSULE
ME235230           GASKET 
ME235230           GASKET 
ME235230           GASKET 
ME235091           BOLT
ME235301           PLAIN WASHER
ME235092           PLATE
ME235302           BOLT
ME235098           BUSHING
ME235097           BOLT
ME235096           BUSHING
ME235303           PLATE
ME235304           BOLT
ME235095           BOLT
ME235092           PLAIN WASHER
ME235315           FLYWEIGHT
ME235316           FLYWEIGHT
ME235317           FLANGE BUSHING
ME235311           SLOTTED WASHER
ME235320           SHIM D14&8.4T0.2
ME235321           SHIM D14&8.4T0.4
ME235322           SHIM D14&8.4T0.5
ME235323           SHIM D14&8.4T0.6
ME235324           SHIM D14&8.4T0.7
ME235325           SHIM D14&8.4T1.0
ME235326           SHIM D14&8.4T0.30
ME235327           SHIM D14&8.4T0.80
ME235328           SHIM D14&8.4T0.90
ME235329           SHIM D14&8.4T0.10
ME235330           SHIM D14&8.4T1.5
ME235331           SHIM D14&8.4T2.0
ME235348           SLOTTED WASHER
ME235320           SHIM D14&8.4T0.2
ME235321           SHIM D14&8.4T0.4
ME235322           SHIM D14&8.4T0.5
ME235323           SHIM D14&8.4T0.6
ME235324           SHIM D14&8.4T0.7
ME235325           SHIM D14&8.4T1.0
ME235326           SHIM D14&8.4T0.30
ME235327           SHIM D14&8.4T0.80
ME235328           SHIM D14&8.4T0.90
ME235329           SHIM D14&8.4T0.10
ME235330           SHIM D14&8.4T1.5
ME235331           SHIM D14&8.4T2.0
ME235342           BUSHING
ME235342           BUSHING
ME235343           ROLLER D23.9
ME235344           ROLLER D24.0
ME235345           ROLLER D24.0
ME235346           ROLLER D24.1
ME235347           ROLLER D24.2
ME235349           WASHER 
ME235349           WASHER
ME235350           RETAINER
ME235355           RETAINER
ME235357           O-RING
ME235359           COVER
ME235358           PACKING RING
ME235356           GASKET
ME235354           BOLT
ME235353           GASKET 
ME235351           CAPSULE
ME235352           CAP
ME235015           LOCKING WASHER
ME235011           UNION NUT
ME235010           O-RING
ME235018           O-RING
ME235016           CAPSULE
ME235012           PLATE
ME235013           BOLT
ME235013           BOLT
ME235014           SCREW
ME235017           HEXAGON NUT
ME235017           HEXAGON NUT
ME235003           BUSHING
ME235004           SCREW
ME235005           NUT
ME235001           CAPSULE
ME235001           CAPSULE
ME235002           SCREW
ME235006           NUT
ME235007           SCREW
ME235008           SCREW
ME235009           SCREW
ME235369           STOPPING DEVICE
ME235365           GASKET
ME235360           COVER
ME235361           SCREW
ME235362           SCREW
ME235364           WOODRUFF KEY
ME235366           LOCKING WASHER
ME235367           NUT
ME235368           SLIDING PIECE
ME235370           SHIM D14&10.1T0.2
ME235371           SHIM D14&10.1T0.3
ME235372           SHIM D14&10.1T0.40
ME235373           SHIM D14&10.1T1
ME235374           SHIM D14.0&10.1T0.5
ME235375           SHIM D14.0&10.1T1.5
ME235376           SHIM D14&10.1T2.0
ME235377           SHIM D14&10.1T3.0
ME235378           SHIM D14&10.1T4.0
ME235390           GOVERNOR SPRING
ME235381           COILED SPRING
ME235399           SCREW
ME235391           NUT
ME235392           GASKET  
ME235393           NUT
ME235398           SCREW
ME235394           NUT
ME235395           SWIVELLING LEVER
ME235397           BUSHING
ME235380           O-RING
ME235396         O-RING
ME235382           WASHER
ME235383           WASHER
ME235384           PACKING RING
ME235389           SHIM
ME235386           BUSHING
ME235388           WOODRUFF KEY
ME235381           BUSHING
ME235387           WASHER
ME235339           FORK LEVER
ME235337           STRAP
ME235333           WASHER
ME235334           PIN
ME235335           SHIM
ME235336           PIN
ME235338           TENSIONING LEVER
ME235341           BEARING PIN
ME235349           CONTROL LEVER
ME235348           CONTROL LEVER
ME235342           SCREW
ME235343           O-RING
ME235344           CAP
ME235345           CONTROL LEVER
ME235346           COILED SPRING
ME235350           SHIM D20.8&10.3T0.2
ME235351           SHIM D20.8&10.3T0.25
ME235352           SHIM D20.8&10.3T0.3
ME235353           SHIM D20.8&10.3T0.35
ME235354           SHIM D20.8&10.3T0.4
ME235355           SHIM D20.8&10.3T0.5
ME235359           GASKET
ME235356           GASKET
ME235357           O-RING
ME235358           WOODRUFF KEY
ME235366           WOODRUFF KEY

VAMC899436                    Boost Pressure Sensor 
VAME900719                    Water Pump Belt 
VAME900959                     Alternator Belts / Fan belts 
VAME902959                     Alternator belts / Fan belts

VAME075142                    Thermostat case

VAME073957                     Exhaust Manifold Gasket, Mitsubishi 

VAME440049                     Gasket, turbocharger to exhaust manifold 

87335846                           Intercooler 

VAME034997                      Seal ring, exhaust 

VAME034998                      Seal ring, exhaust 

VAME073833                     Valve, inlet overboost 

VAME090394                    Relay Alternator Safety
VAME072889                    Relay, Intake Air Heater Relay 

YT52S00001P1                  Sensor, thermo 

VAME049239                      Relay 

VAME075970                      Relay 

VAME049308                       Relay, glow plug 

VAMC849577                      Speed Sensor  

VAMC867765                       Oil level sensor 

VAME039860                       Switch, thermo 

VAME078661                        Intercooler 

VAME219040                        Intercooler 

VAME994276 Thermostat, Mitsubishi diesel Thermostat, 

Mitsubishi Parts - Partial part number list 
Note: this is a partial list, if you don't see your part number contact me at: or 


Mitsubishi Parts - Partial part number list