Kobelco Parts List - partial list 

Kobelco Parts List 
New Kobelco Engine Parts from a limited stock of workshop inventory. 

Kobelco Parts List

New Kobelco Engine Parts from a limited stock of workshop inventory.

This is a partial list, if your engine parts are not listed please contact us: 

Email: engineparts@heavyequipmentrestorationparts.com

Phone: 269 673 1638 

Text messages: 269 760 8652 

VAME032955 Thermostat case housing
VAME032956 Thermostat case housing
VAME035272 Thermostat case housing
VAME035274 Thermostat case housing
VAME035279 Thermostat case housing
VAME035281 Thermostat case housing
VAME037730 Thermostat case housing
VAME037731 Thermostat case housing
VAME038848 Thermostat case housing
VAME038849 Thermostat case housing
VAME039115 Thermostat case housing 
VAME039116 Thermostat case housing
VAME039117 Thermostat case housing
VAME039118 Thermostat case housing
VAME047981 Thermostat case housing
VAME047987 Thermostat case housing
VAME047988 Thermostat case housing
VAME047990 Thermostat case housing
VAME047992 Thermostat case housing
VAME047993 Thermostat case housing
VAME047997 Thermostat case housing
VAME047999 Thermostat case housing
VAME070004 Thermostat case housing
VAME070005 Thermostat case housing
VAME070153 Thermostat case housing
VAME070154 Thermostat case housing
VAME070615 Thermostat case housing
VAME070616 Thermostat case housing
VAME075077 Thermostat case housing
VAME075141 Thermostat case housing

2444R2672 Air Intake Hose 

2444R2944 Air Intake Hose 

YN11P01019P1 Air Intake Hose 

YN11P01020P1 Air Intake Hose 

LS11P01008P1 Air Intake Hose 

LS05P01006P1 Air Intake Hose Elbow 

LS05P01033P1 Air Intake Hose 

LS11P01009P1 Air Intake Hose 

VAME157027 Air Intake Hose, turbocharger 

VAME053870 Air Hose, turbocharger to intake manifold 

LS11P01010P1 Air Intake Hose Connector Tube 

GG01P01027P1 Tube, exhaust pipe

VAME158456 Muffler 

VAME040293 Alternator 

VAME158500 Wire Harness, alternator 

GG12P01014P1 Air Intake Hose 

LS05P01062P1 Air Intake Hose Elbow 

LS05P01046P1 Air Intake Tube 

LS05P01047P1 Air Intake Tube Pipe 

LS05P01041P1 Hose, connecting intercooler. 

LS05P01048P1 Radiator Hose Connector Tube 

LS05P01045P1 Radiator Hose 

LS05P01049P2 Radiator Hose 

GB05P01002P1 Radiator Hose

GN05P01001P1 Radiator Hose 

LQ05P01017P1 Radiator Hose 

LQ05P01025P1 Radiator Hose

4 LS05P01049P1 Radiator Hose 

LS0SP01049P2 Radiator Hose 

EZ0SP01003P1 Radiator Hose 

LS05P01049P1 Radiator Hose 

GG01P01026P1 Tube 

GG12P01015P1 Hose, Air Intake 

GN30P01001F2 Coupling 

GN30P01001S001 Coupling 

2418U226F1 Coupling

2420R572 Radiator Hose 

2444R620 Air Intake Elbow

VAME056473 Injectors 

VAME717640 Coupling, Injection Pump 

VAME997284 Gasket Kit 

VAME065378 Fan Cooling 

77254135 Radiator Hose 

GK11P01012P1 Air Intake Hose 

VAME441372 Exhaust Manifold 

VAMF407726 Exhaust Stud 

LC05P01088P2 Air Hose, Intercooler Hose 

LC05P01089P2 Air Hose, Intercooler Hose 

LQ05P01077P1 Air Hose, Intercooler Hose 

LC05P01118P1 Air Hose, Intercooler Hose 

LC11P01006P1 Air Hose, Intake 

LC11P01007P1 Air Hose, Intake 

LS75S00001P1 Fan, engine cooling 

ZS18C20160 Capscrew, bolt motor mount 

ZW16H20000 Washer, motor mount 

LS02P01015P1 Cover, motor mount 

LS02P01008P1 Rubber cushion, motor mount 

LS02P01006P1 Rubber cushion, motor mount 

ZN18C20016 Nut, motor mount 

ZS18C12050  Capscrew Bolt, motor mount 

ZW16H12000 Washer, motor mount 

ZS18C14035 Capscrew, Bolt motor mount 

ZW16H14000 Washer, motor mount 

N30P01001S002 Hub 

LS30P01001F1 Coupling 

2418R660S002 Insert, coupling 

2418R660S003 Insert, coupling 

LS30P01001S005 Capscrew, bolt 

GN30P01001S003 Inserter

GN30P01001S004 Inserter

2418U153S4 Capscrew 

2418U153S5 Capscrew 

VAME997802 Gasket Kit

VAME121781 Damper, crankshaft torsional harmonic balancer

VAME996470 Piston and Liner Kit 

LS02P01005P1 Cover, motor mount 

77252279 Rubber Motor Mount 

VAME995231 Water Pump 

ZS18C20150 Capscrew, Bolt motor mount 

VAME995061 Engine Gasket Set 

LS02P01015P1 Cover, motor mount 

VAME995234 Water pump 

GG24S00003P1 Relay, Preheater

VAME078294 Exhaust Manifold 

VAME997499 Engine Gasket Set 

GG24S00004P1 Relay 

2427U1416S1 Coolant Tank 

LS05P01074P1 Radiator Hose 

LS05P01160P1 Radiator Hose 

LS05P01077P1 Intercooler Hose 

LS05P01078P1 Intercooler Hose 

LS05P01041P1 Intercooler Hose 

LS05P01034P1 Intercooler Air Intake Flange Connector 

VA3113303800 Gasket for Intercooler Air Intake Flange Connector 

ZS18C10025 Capscrew, Bolt 

LS05P01075P1 Intercooler Tube 

LS05P01076P1 Intercooler Tube 

ZC16X10000 Hose Clamp 

ZC16X07000 Hose Clamp 

‚ÄčLS05P01048P1 Coolant Radiator Tube 

AA8102.002.1300 Radiator Cap 

ZC16X14800 Clamp 

ZC16X11000 Clamp 

LS11P01008P1 Air Intake Hose 

LS11P01010P1 Air Intake Tube Connecting Flange 

ZM22C12030 Capscrew, Bolt 

ZS18C10040 Bolt 

2446U250S6 Air Cleaner End Cover 

YN11P00001S003 Air Cleaner End Cover 

ZS73C20025 Coupling gear  

2418P19271 Coupling gear 

2444R2492D220 Fuel Line 

LS21P01001D1 Tube, fuel 

2444R2492D400 Fuel Line 

2444R2492D440 Tube, fuel

LS11M01010P2 Control Cable  

ZS13C20120 Capscrew, bolt motor mount 

ZW13H20000 Washer, motor mount 

2416R155 Rubber cushion motor mount 

2416R535 Rubber cushion motor mount 

2414T3543 Plate, motor mount 

ZW13C20016 Nut, threaded fastener motor mount 

ZS13C12030 Capscrew, Bolt motor mount 

ZS13C14030 Capscrew, Bolt motor mount

GG11P00001F1 Air Cleaner 

2450R163F1 Indicator 

77258279 Radiator Hose 

GG12P00004F1 Muffler, Kobelco Crane 

VAME158263 Injector 

2444R1003D2 Air Intake Hose 

2444Z1600D3 Air Intake Elbow, Turbo 

2420R573 Radiator Hose 

VAME049281 Alternator 

VAME900743 Belt 

VAME902954 Belt  

77260527 Sending Unit, Thermo 

VAME039860 Switch, Thermo 

VAME902957 Belt, alternator, fan, 

VAME157606 Hose 

VAME055109 Hose 

VAME900742 Belt, water pump 

77254134 Radiator Hose 

VAME157386 Pipe connector, water pump inlet 

2427U1416F1 Water Expansion Tank 

VAME999003 Thermostat Set 

VAME440089 Injector 

VAME298109 Fan, cooling 

2444R1037 Air Intake Hose 

2444T2827 Turbocharger Hose Elbow 

VAME153215 Check Valve, Oil Sprayer Bolt,

VAME996003 Thermostat Kit 

GK12P00004F1 Muffler 

GK01P01020P1 Tube, Exhaust 

GK02P01003P1 Hose, Intercooler 

GK02P01004P1 Hose, Intercooler 

GK05P01009P1 Radiator Hose 

GK05P01008P1 Radiator Hose 

28100E0340 Starter 

VAME996002 Thermostat Kit 

VAME059359 Hose, thermostat water by-pass 

VAME902958 Belt, Alternator Fan Belt

VAME902959 Belt, Alternator Fan Belt

VAME995791 Water Pump 

YN20M01077P1 Water Pump Belt 

GK11P01013P1 Air Intake Tube 

2444R2443 Radiator Hose 
2444R2828 Radiator Hose 
77258487 Radiator Hose
2444R2510 Radiator Hose 

GG12P00004F1 Muffler 

GG10P01004P1 Cable, control 

GG11E0101301 Wire Harness 

GG11E0101802 Wire Harness 

LC11P01010P1 Air Hose, Intake 

LC11P01011P1M Air Hose, Intake